8th Grade
Mortarboard Video of 2019 HMS 8th grade Graduation
Video of 2019 HMS 8th grade graduation ceremony
Updated 6-3-2019 1:04 PM
Video Graduation Slideshow (Pictures of Students)
This is the slideshow that played during the 8th grade graduation ceremony while the chorus sang.  It features pictures of our students.  
Updated 6-3-2019 1:03 PM
Tickets Graduation Tickets
8th grade graduation ticket information
Updated 4-17-2019 6:21 PM
Picnic 8th grade picnic permission slip
Permission slip for 8th grade students for graduation practice at LHS and the 8th grade picnic.
Updated 5-3-2019 10:26 AM
Calendar Graduation Guide for 8th grade Students
This is the guide that it is distributed to our 8th grade students regarding Graduation and End of the Year activities near the end of May.
Updated 5-3-2019 10:40 AM
Document Graduation Party & Gown Form
Graduation Party and Gown Information/Form
Updated 2-28-2019 12:35 PM
LHS Logo Freshman Registration Information @ LHS
Registration information for Highland 8th grade students who will be Freshmen at Libertyville High School next school year.  


Updated 9-14-2017 1:59 PM
Computer Exporting Google Docs
This document will help 8th grade students export all Google docs
Updated 5-18-2019 1:42 PM
District 128 LHS Curriculum Guide
Information about courses at Libertyville High School can be found here


Updated 9-14-2017 1:57 PM
Diploma Diploma Form
8th grade Diploma Form for Highland Ceremony
Updated 10-1-2018 3:00 PM
7th Grade
LHS Paw 2019 PSAT Save the Date
Information regarding Libertyville High School's 2019 PSAT event for 8th grade students
Updated 5-9-2019 3:05 PM
Flag 7th Grade Springfield Trip
Information regarding the 7th Grade Springfield Field Trip
Updated 11-8-2018 5:52 PM
6th Grade
Checkmark Access 1:1 Chromebook Agreement & AUPG
Access 1:1 Chromebook Agreement and District Acceptable Use Policy and Guidelines.  These forms must be signed in order for students to receive their Chromebook for the Access 1:1 Program.  
Updated 5-8-2018 5:08 PM
District 70 District 70 Acceptable Use Policy & Guidelines

This document provides information regarding the District 70 Acceptable Use Policy and Guidelines for Technology (AUPG)

Updated 8-16-2017 2:47 PM
Laptop Access 1:1 Handbook

Access1:1@HMS Handbook 6th Grade Chromebook Pilot Program 2017-2018

Updated 8-16-2017 2:22 PM
Computer Access 1:1 Website
This site provides information about our Access 1:1 Chromebook Program 
Updated 12-5-2017 8:14 AM