Post Office
Bookshelves Books about the Post Office
Books about the post office and mail that are available at Adler Park School's Learning Center.
Updated 9-19-2012 9:21 AM
House Home Activity: Mail Time!
Sort through your junk mail and talk about what you find for a fun literacy activity before recycling it!
Updated 9-19-2012 9:00 AM
House Home Activity: Send a Lincoln Letter
During this activity, your child will create a piece of mail and you and your child will
visit a post office in your neighborhood.
Updated 9-19-2012 9:08 AM
Mailbox Post Office Explanation
This note to parents explains our Adler Post Office, including how you can write to your child at school!
Updated 9-27-2016 9:53 AM
Schoolhouse School Activity: A Genre Study of Letters
Students read The Jolly Postman, in which a postman delivers letters to storybook characters. They explore different types of mail and categorize letters from the book and their own mail. (grades 3-5)
Updated 9-19-2012 9:02 AM
Schoolhouse School Activity: Investigating Junk Mail
Students increase their media literacy skills by critically examining and revising junk mail. (grades 3-5)
Updated 9-19-2012 9:02 AM