District 70 - Highland Announcements http://www.d70schools.org/schoolsites/?school_id=4 Highland Announcements en-us Wed, 31 Dec 1969 18:33:40 -0600 Wed, 31 Dec 1969 18:33:40 -0600 http://www.d70schools.org/schoolsites/?school_id=4 Website Manager v4.1 Copyright 2020 District 70 Message from the HMS Dean of Students http://www.d70schools.org/schoolsites/?school_id=4#6305 <img src="http://www.d70schools.org/schoolsites/icons/computer.png" style="float:left; margin-right:3px;" /> Use the link below to view a message from the HMS Dean of Students, Mrs. Miller, regarding Social Media Safety.<br /><br /><a href="https://www.smore.com/ry32n">LINK TO SOCIAL MEDIA MESSAGE</a> Wed, 30 Sep 2020 08:29:42 -0500 http://www.d70schools.org/schoolsites/?school_id=4#6305 HMS Reopening Information http://www.d70schools.org/schoolsites/?school_id=4#6325 <img src="http://www.d70schools.org/schoolsites/icons/new2.png" style="float:left; margin-right:3px;" /> When the district and school board determine that it is safe to bring students back, we will be prepared.&nbsp; Using the link below you will find information about what in-person learning will look like at Highland Middle School.&nbsp; You will also find a registration link so that you can share what your family&rsquo;s decision will be.<br /><br /><a href="https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NMi2Cx6HqyWg2GgAX4APOlajPGpRcGRWC1gyea56p-c/edit?usp=sharing">LINK TO HMS REOPENING INFO</a> Wed, 28 Oct 2020 15:40:19 -0500 http://www.d70schools.org/schoolsites/?school_id=4#6325 Helping your child cope with COVID-19 http://www.d70schools.org/schoolsites/?school_id=4#6287 <img src="http://www.d70schools.org/schoolsites/icons/video.png" style="float:left; margin-right:3px;" /> Use the link below to view a video on helping your child cope with COVID-19.<br /><br /><a href="https://drive.google.com/file/d/1j4fYszP-9QvORzAHNgtZ-mcu7X1FA2qh/view?usp=sharing">LINK TO HELPING YOUR CHILD COPE WITH COVID19</a> Wed, 02 Sep 2020 16:01:25 -0500 http://www.d70schools.org/schoolsites/?school_id=4#6287 Link to Watch School Board Meetings Held Remotely During COVID-19 http://www.d70schools.org/schoolsites/?school_id=4#6300 <img src="http://www.d70schools.org/schoolsites/icons/districtround.png" style="float:left; margin-right:3px;" /> <p><a href="http://vimeo.com/ld70">Videos of archived school board meetings during COVID-19.&nbsp;</a>&nbsp;<br /><br />&nbsp;</p> Tue, 22 Sep 2020 10:28:14 -0500 http://www.d70schools.org/schoolsites/?school_id=4#6300 Announcements http://www.d70schools.org/schoolsites/?school_id=4#6318 <img src="http://www.d70schools.org/schoolsites/icons/sneakers.png" style="float:left; margin-right:3px;" /> <p>Our 2020 Cross Country season has come to a close. Congratulations to each participant! Your coaches have been impressed and encouraged by your dedication and improvement. Our final meet at Adler was considered our conference meet. Medals will be awarded to the top three girls and top three boys overall. Way to go, Hornets!</p> Tue, 13 Oct 2020 09:14:10 -0500 http://www.d70schools.org/schoolsites/?school_id=4#6318 Announcements http://www.d70schools.org/schoolsites/?school_id=4#6330 <img src="http://www.d70schools.org/schoolsites/icons/ghost.png" style="float:left; margin-right:3px;" /> <p>&nbsp;</p><p>Big rounds of applause to the cast of Mystery Night. Congratulations to the detective who solved the case of Rock n Roll Over Dead, who figured out that Kay killed the librarian (GASP!) by poisoning her drink to cover up for plagiarizing a song.</p> Thu, 29 Oct 2020 08:07:54 -0500 http://www.d70schools.org/schoolsites/?school_id=4#6330 School Board Election April 6, 2021 http://www.d70schools.org/schoolsites/?school_id=4#6294 <img src="http://www.d70schools.org/schoolsites/icons/new.png" style="float:left; margin-right:3px;" /> <p>Nominating petition forms for the April 6, 2021, school board election in Libertyville School District 70 will be available on Sept. 18 at the Lake County Clerk&#39;s Office, 18 N. County St., Waukegan, Il.<br /><br />Petitions may begin to be circulated on Sept. 22. A school board candidate&#39;s petition must be filed in the Lake County Clerk&#39;s Office no earlier than 8:30 a.m. on Dec. 14, and no later than 5 p.m. on Dec. 29.&nbsp;<br /><br />Four of the seven-member board of education seats are open in the April 6 election. Candidates elected will take office at an organizational meeting to be held within 28 days following the election and serve the four-year terms until April 2025.&nbsp;<br /><br />To be eligible to serve, a school board member must be, on the date of the election, a citizen of the United States, at least 18 years old, a resident of the State of Illinois and Libertyville School District 70 for at least one year immediately preceding the election, and a registered voter.<br /><br />Elections are nonpartisan and board candidates do not indicate political party affiliation. Candidates should be aware of financial conflict-of-interest limitations set forth in the school code.&nbsp;<br /><br />Important information:&nbsp;<br /><a href="https://www.iasb.com/IASB/media/General/candidates-keydates2020.pdf">April 6, 2021, Consolidated Election Calendar</a><br /><a href="https://elections.il.gov/Downloads/ElectionOperations/PDF/2021CanGuide.pdf">2021 Candidate&#39;s Guide</a><br /><a href="https://www.iasb.com/IASB/media/Documents/2021ElectionCalendar.pdf">2021 Election Campaign Finance Calendar&nbsp;</a>&nbsp;</p> Thu, 17 Sep 2020 15:28:01 -0500 http://www.d70schools.org/schoolsites/?school_id=4#6294 Announcements http://www.d70schools.org/schoolsites/?school_id=4#6317 <img src="http://www.d70schools.org/schoolsites/icons/book-mouse.png" style="float:left; margin-right:3px;" /> <p>You&#39;re invited to talk about Front Desk! There will be Front Desk discussions for 7th graders&nbsp;today during 7th period, for 6th graders on tomorrow&nbsp;during 6th period, and for any Highland student on 10/14. There will also be some family book discussions next week. Check out the library website at highlandlc.weebly.com for more information.</p> Thu, 08 Oct 2020 08:42:23 -0500 http://www.d70schools.org/schoolsites/?school_id=4#6317 6th grade & New Families http://www.d70schools.org/schoolsites/?school_id=4#6276 <img src="http://www.d70schools.org/schoolsites/icons/new2.png" style="float:left; margin-right:3px;" /> Are you new to District 70?&nbsp; Do you have a 6th grade student?&nbsp; Use the following link for important information about Highland Middle School: <a href="https://www.d70schools.org/schoolsites/?sect=parents&amp;func=parents_cust&amp;pid=121&amp;school_id=4">LINK TO INFO FOR NEW &amp; 6TH GR.&nbsp;</a> Sat, 29 Aug 2020 10:57:04 -0500 http://www.d70schools.org/schoolsites/?school_id=4#6276 HMS 2020-2021 Supply List http://www.d70schools.org/schoolsites/?school_id=4#6258 <img src="http://www.d70schools.org/schoolsites/icons/supplies.png" style="float:left; margin-right:3px;" /> Use this <a href="https://www.d70schools.org/schoolsites/?sect=parents&amp;func=parents_cust&amp;pid=159&amp;school_id=4">LINK</a> to access the HMS 2020-2021 School Supply List.&nbsp;Please be aware that due to COVID-19, this list is subject to change.&nbsp;&nbsp;While we do not anticipate many changes, we do want&nbsp;families to be aware of this possibility. If changes to this list&nbsp;do occur, an email will be sent to notify families.&nbsp;Supply kits, liked the ones used at the elementary level, are not available at Highland Middle School. Sat, 29 Aug 2020 10:56:31 -0500 http://www.d70schools.org/schoolsites/?school_id=4#6258 20-21 Fall Plans http://www.d70schools.org/schoolsites/?school_id=4#6281 <img src="http://www.d70schools.org/schoolsites/icons/districtround.png" style="float:left; margin-right:3px;" /> <p>Information on eSchool and the first fall trimester can now be found under a new <a href="https://www.d70schools.org/?sect=open"><em><strong>20-21 Fall&nbsp;</strong></em></a>menu item found along the top of the district and the schools&#39; websites.&nbsp;</p> Mon, 26 Oct 2020 22:31:48 -0500 http://www.d70schools.org/schoolsites/?school_id=4#6281 Announcements http://www.d70schools.org/schoolsites/?school_id=4#6327 <img src="http://www.d70schools.org/schoolsites/icons/jackolantern.png" style="float:left; margin-right:3px;" /> <p>You are invited to try to solve ROCK &#39;N ROLL OVER DEAD: A MURDER MYSTERY tomorrow,&nbsp;10/27 from 3:45 - 4:45. Meet code is murdermystery. The event will star members of the HMS International Thespian Society. Questions? Contact Ms. Burton or Dr. Wyatt.<br /><br />Looking for a fun challenge during your student assistance time this week? Stop in during 5th period today and 6th or 7th&nbsp;tomorrow&nbsp;to try an October themed digital breakout to test your problem solving skills. Use the meet code highlandlc.</p> Mon, 26 Oct 2020 12:42:03 -0500 http://www.d70schools.org/schoolsites/?school_id=4#6327 Announcements http://www.d70schools.org/schoolsites/?school_id=4#6320 <img src="http://www.d70schools.org/schoolsites/icons/dog.png" style="float:left; margin-right:3px;" /> <p>Did you take the yearbook surveys about Pets of the Pandemic and your Remote Work Space? While these are not required, the yearbook staff would greatly appreciate it if you could take a minute, and submit your responses along with a photo. If YOU are not IN the photo, we cannot use it in the yearbook. We like to see faces of students, so maybe ask a friend or family member to take your photo with your pet, or in your remote work space.</p> Mon, 19 Oct 2020 08:17:32 -0500 http://www.d70schools.org/schoolsites/?school_id=4#6320 Special School Board Meeting Nov. 2 http://www.d70schools.org/schoolsites/?school_id=4#6331 <img src="http://www.d70schools.org/schoolsites/icons/districtround.png" style="float:left; margin-right:3px;" /> <p>The Board of Education will hold a special in-person meeting at 6:30 p.m. on Nov. 2&nbsp;at Butterfield School. &nbsp;<br /><br />Due to being in Phase 4 of Restore Illinois during&nbsp;COVID-19,&nbsp;attendance will be limited to a total of 50 people. With board members, staff, and video personnel, there will be room for about 25&nbsp;additional community members to attend in person.&nbsp;</p><p>The District 70 school board values public participation. Community members and staff will also be able to participate remotely in the live meeting on Nov. 2,&nbsp;2020, by:</p><ul><li><strong>Sending an email to publiccomment@d70schools.org.&nbsp; Emails received by 4&nbsp;p.m. on Nov. 2&nbsp;to this address, which meet the requirements of Board Policy 2:230, will be read at the meeting;&nbsp;</strong></li><li><strong>Sending a voice message to (847) 461-9418.&nbsp; Messages received by 4&nbsp;p.m. on Nov. 2, which meet the respect and civility requirement of Board Policy 2:230, may&nbsp;be played at the meeting. However, due to the space limitations of District 70&rsquo;s current phone system, voice messages will have a maximum of three (3) minutes allowed.</strong></li></ul><p><strong>Based on the number of written comments and voice messages received, to preserve time for the School Board to conduct all of its business, the Board President may summarize the comments or may read only such portions of the comments aloud as time permits, then make the written comments available on the District&rsquo;s website after the meeting.&nbsp; </strong></p><p>Also, please note:&nbsp;</p><ul><li>The <a href="https://www.d70schools.org/?sect=boe&amp;func=doc">agenda for the school board meeting</a>&nbsp;is posted on the D70 website.&nbsp;</li><li>The meeting will be <a href="https://vimeo.com/473576807">live-streamed</a> to be viewed during the meeting.&nbsp;</li><li>The meeting will be recorded and can be<a href="https://vimeo.com/ld70"> viewed </a>within 48 hours after the meeting;</li><li>A summary of the meeting, known as <a href="https://www.d70schools.org/?sect=boe&amp;func=briefs">Board Briefs,</a> will be placed onto the D70 website within 48 hours after the meeting.</li></ul> Fri, 30 Oct 2020 13:02:55 -0500 http://www.d70schools.org/schoolsites/?school_id=4#6331 eSchool at HMS http://www.d70schools.org/schoolsites/?school_id=4#6283 <img src="http://www.d70schools.org/schoolsites/icons/schoolhouse.png" style="float:left; margin-right:3px;" /> Use the link below to access information about&nbsp;eSchool&nbsp;at Highland Middle School<br /><br /><a href="https://docs.google.com/document/d/162bYgF0ZvV3X3ysnz_8cHlRAhIBlEBAU52cbOe-yEBg/edit?usp=sharing">HMS eSchool INFO</a> Fri, 25 Sep 2020 09:39:34 -0500 http://www.d70schools.org/schoolsites/?school_id=4#6283 Registration for Kindergartners, New Students, Returning Students Now Open http://www.d70schools.org/schoolsites/?school_id=4#6282 <img src="http://www.d70schools.org/schoolsites/lib/files/anc_photos/6282.png" style="float:left; margin-right:3px;" /> <p>Registration for KINDERGARTNERS and NEW STUDENTS and RETURNING STUDENTS is now open on the D70 website.<br /><br />For <a href="https://www.d70schools.org/?sect=dept&amp;func=cust&amp;dept_id=45&amp;cust_id=123">new kindergartners, as well as students&nbsp;who will be new </a>to the district this fall for the 2020-21 school year:</p><ul><li>On the d70schools.org website, go to HOME, then NEW STUDENT REGISTRATION and follow the directions.</li><li>You may also register on your home school website, under PARENTS.&nbsp;</li><li>Please register as early as possible so we can make sure we have staff in place for all students.</li><li>We encourage you to pay online.&nbsp;</li><li>You may pay by check by mailing the check to Libertyville School District 70, Educational Resource Office, 1381 W. Lake St., Libertyville, Il. 60048. &nbsp;</li><li>Questions? Email District 70 registrar, Cristina, directly at cdistefano@d70schools.org.&nbsp;</li></ul><br />For returning students:<ul><li>Go to your parent PowerSchool account at powerschool.d70schools.org.</li><li>Sign in with username and password.</li><li>If you forgot your password, select &quot;Forgot Password&quot; and create a new password.</li><li>Fill out the section called School Forms. You must fill out School Forms separately for each of your children you are enrolling.</li><li>We encourage you to pay online.&nbsp;</li><li>You may pay by check by mailing the check to the Libertyville School District 70, Educational Resource Office, 1381 W. Lake St., Libertyville, Il. 60048. &nbsp;&nbsp;</li><li>Questions? Email District 70 registrar, Cristina, directly at cdistefano@d70schools.org.&nbsp;</li></ul> Fri, 21 Aug 2020 18:15:03 -0500 http://www.d70schools.org/schoolsites/?school_id=4#6282 Student Health Forms Required for Fall 2020 http://www.d70schools.org/schoolsites/?school_id=4#6272 <img src="http://www.d70schools.org/schoolsites/icons/syringe.png" style="float:left; margin-right:3px;" /> <p><a href="https://www.dph.illinois.gov/sites/default/files/publications/minimum-immunization-requirements-entering-child-care-facility-or-school-illinois-fall-2020.pdf">Student immunizations required for the 2020-21 school year</a> are listed here by the Illinois Department of Public Health.<br /><br />Physicians are conducting well visit exams and&nbsp;giving immunizations throughout the pandemic. Neither the&nbsp;Illinois State Board of Education nor the IDPH has offered any changes for medical requirements during COVID-19. Please send in your child&#39;s appropriate grade level health forms upon the start date of school on Aug. 24.&nbsp;<br /><br />Details on health exams required according to grade level can be found on your school site under Resources under Health.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> Fri, 21 Aug 2020 18:12:48 -0500 http://www.d70schools.org/schoolsites/?school_id=4#6272