Gifted & Enrichment

As every child is unique and special, District 70's Gifted, Talented, and Enrichment (GTE) services are designed to focus on the varying levels of needs of our students at different ability levels, for divergent interest areas, and across curricular areas.  

Enrichment services are available for 1st through 5th grades in the areas of mathematics and reading.  Groups are formed based on the collected data. In math enrichment, small groups of students who have demonstrated a need to extend their thinking are pulled out.  The activities are aligned with our mathematics program and the Common Core Standards and are meant to challenge children beyond grade-level expectations.  Math groups change with each unit and are responsive to student needs.  Reading enrichment sessions will also begin for students in grades 1-5 who demonstrate a need for enrichment beyond grade-level.  As flexibility is important and best practice, we look at the data throughout the year and reassess the groups.

Gifted services are available for grades 3-8  in the areas of mathematics and reading.  

Elementary GTE Services
The elementary GTE services offer opportunities for flexible support to students and teachers at Adler Park, Butterfield, Copeland Manor, and Rockland Schools.  The GTE teachers provide differentiated support to the classroom teachers as well as opportunities for the highly able students at the elementary level within the classroom setting.  Outside of the classroom setting, the GTE teacher will work with flexible small groups to provide enrichment opportunities.  Unit content will vary and is developed according to the specific needs of the students and the Common Core Standards.

Highland Middle School's GTE Services
In middle school, 6-8th grades, students may qualify for mathematics and/or language arts & literature.  

Students who qualify for math will receive instruction covering common core mathematics standards at an accelerated pace.  Enrichment activities are embedded within instruction of the content area.  At the completion of 8th grade, students in gifted math will have completed grades sixth through eighth Illinois Learning Standards, Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 content.

Language Arts and Literature
The goal of the Gifted Language Arts and Literature service at Highland Middle School is to provide both enrichment and acceleration in the areas of literature, writing, grammar, vocabulary, and speaking. The curriculum functions at least two levels above the grade. The curriculum incorporates both classical and contemporary sources to encourage a wide range of literary and language experiences. Discussion and activities are designed to blend the skills to promote exploration and depth of understanding.

Gifted and Talented Eligibility Matrix


●      Once a student has qualified for gifted services, the above Tier 3 sessions are required contact times with the GTE teacher.

●      A gifted student may also see the GTE teacher for other enrichment services (Tier 2) based on student need and current data for the unit of study.

●      Classroom (1-5) teachers are responsible for assigning grades to gifted students, but gifted teachers will communicate with the classroom teacher and parents about students’ performance in gifted classes.

●      The Gifted Review Process is available for students who do not formally qualify for Tier 3 gifted services but may need this additional support.  Parents or teachers who believe that a child may need Tier 3 gifted services should request in writing that their child go through the Gifted Review Process.  Please contact the Special Services Department for more information regarding the review process.