Health Services

The student's health is of utmost importance to Libertyville District 70.  In order to support students, each school has a registered nurse on staff, full time.  The nurses are not only  help students with bumps, bruises, health emergencies but they also ensure student health records are up to date. 

The school code of Illinois, Section 665, requires that each student entering school for the first time (kindergarten) and students entering sixth grade along with transfer students must submit evidence of the various examinations.  

Per Illinois School Code, there are several requirements that must be met: 

What exam?

When does it need to be done?

Physical Exam New students entering District 70 for the first time, Kindergarten, 6th grade students and students electing to do sports. 

New students entering District 70 for the first time, Kindergarten, and 6th grade students.


Dental Exam New students entering District 70 for the first time, Kindergarten, 2nd and 6th grade students
Eye Exam New students entering District 70 for the first time

The physical examination must be dated within one (1) year prior to the first day of school and must be completed on the State of Illinois Department of Human Services Certificate of Child Health Examination.  It is due t the time of registration  or prior to starting school.  The physical examination form requires 3 signatures to be considered "in compliance".

1. Immunization section signed by health are provider
2. Health history signed by parent or legal guardian
3. Physical examination signed by MD, APN or PA

It is recommended that parents make arrangements with their physicians as soon as possible to ensure their child/children will have the required exams and immunizations before school starts.  

Students enrolling at the beginning of the school year who do not meet these requirements will be excluded from school attendance per district policy. Medical and Religious objections to any physical examination or immunization must be submitted in writing and must contain the required information.

Department Staff
Kathy Panov, RN, BSN, 
District Nurse/Adler Park Nurse 
(847) 362-7275, ext. 1105 
Rebecca Powell, RN, ADN
Butterfield Nurse
(847) 362-3120, ext. 2105 
Nora Beckman, RN, BSN
Copeland Manor Nurse 
(847) 362-0240, ext. 3105 
Marianne Patterson, RN, BS, LCCE 
Highland Middle Nurse
(847) 362-9020, ext. 4105
Valorie Crusey, RN, BSN
Rockland Nurse
(847) 362-3134, etc. 5105  

Medical Forms