Intervention Program

The Intervention Program is designed to promote academic success through best-practice interventions in reading and mathematics for learners who require more intensive support in addition to those provided in the general classroom.

In Libertyville District 70 we believe...

  • ongoing, universal, regular assessment of all students drives instructional practices and interventions.
  • early intervention, rather than a "wait-to-fail" model, best supports struggling learners.
  • pull-out interventions should supplement, not supplant, high-quality classroom instruction.
  • early intervention for at risk first graders should be implemented as early as possible.
  • intervention group sizes decrease along a continuum of support for struggling learners.
  • best practice indicates that struggling learners benefit most from daily interventions.

Helpful Links for Parents

  • Guiding Readers: This site is a great resource for parents of emergent and beginning readers. This site will give you great tips for how to understand the reading process at this age and how you can help your child. It also has resources for where to find good fit books for beginning readers.
  • Boys Find a Book: Do you have a son that has trouble selecting interesting books at the library? If your answer is yes, then this link is for you! It's created by the children's author, Jon Scieszka.
  • Guide to Reading with Your Child: Tips on when to read with your child, where to read, and much more!
  • Leveled Book List: Find books at your child's reading level at the local library. Make sure to check the button for Guided Reading.
  • Libertyville District 70 Reading Benchmarks: These are the grade level benchmarks where the students should be at the END of each trimester.
  • Promoting Reading at Home: Learn some tips on how your can foster your child's reading at home.
  • Reading is Fundamental: The nation's largest children's literacy organization-contains activities and ideas on how to motivate your child to read at home.
  • Reading Prompts for Parents: Learn what to say when your child comes upon a challenging word instead of "Sound it out."
  • What Parents Can do to Help with Math at Home: This website gives some tips on what parents can do around the house to help their child sharpen their math skills.

Reading Links for Children

  • Edugames: A Houghton Mifflin site that contains interactive educational games for reading and spelling
  • Starfall: A site that helps to reinforce reading skills. Children can read along to stories. Once they become more advanced readers, they can read from different genres.
  • Word Build and Bank: It contains a fun, interactive game. Children combine letters to make words. They can say each word as they build it!
  • Word Sorts: Children practice short vowel sounds and word families with word sorts. They can say each word as they sort it into the correct column.
  • Puzzle Me Words: This game reinforces letter sounds by having students combine letters to form words for the pictures they see.‚Äč
  • Read Write Think: Students combine letters to make words.
  • Read Write Think: Students complete a word sort practicing vowel sounds and word endings.

Math Links for Children

  • A Plus Math: This web site helps students improve their math skills interactively. They have flashcards, games, a homework helper, and worksheets.
  • Johnnie's Math Page: This website has some fun math games that work on geometry, fractions, measurement, probability, etc.
  • Mr. Nussbaum Math Website: Here is a website that offers practice with many different math concepts in the form of games. Have fun!
  • Play to Learn: This web site has online games to teach K-5 math skills.
  • Primary Math Games: This web site contains games that can help reinforce math skills such as telling time and counting money.