Hour of Code Resources
***Intro Video***
Hour of Code Intro Video
Watch the following video to understand The Hour of Code initiative.
Laptop **Hour of Code**
Hour of Code Website

Use this website to acces all Hour of Code activies.  You can filter by grade level and comfort level to choose activites that are just right for you!

K *Kindergarten
1- Kodable
1 1st Grade
1- Kodable
2 2nd Grade
1-Candy Quest
2- LightBot
3 3rd Grade
1- Star Wars
4 4th Grade
1- Star Wars
2 - Code Monkey
5 5th Grade
1 - Minecraft
2 - Code Monkey
3- Flappy Bird
Laptop Beyond an Hour of Code
1 - Angry Birds
P K 1 2 3 4 5 6,7,8 Research Specials Tutorials Star Test Powerschool Hour of Code Compass Access 1:1 Home