Student over books that spell out %22never stop learning%22.
block pattern math with mrs diaz
Lara's tangram face
Mrs. Diaz's Class Making Faces with Tangrams
Make shapes in Math with Mrs. Diaz
Ella's tangram pattern face
Rolling dice for probability in math class
Mrs. Diaz's students using tangrams to make patterns and shapes
Probability Predictions with Dice
Penny Nickel Dime and Dice Probability
Ms. McLean is teaching 3rd graders about art with magnets.
Ms. McLean is doing a magnetic STEM art demo to third graders
Third graders in d70 summer school are learning about creating art with magnets.

General Summer School

  • June 15-July 14 Monday- Thursday 8:30-11:45 a.m.  (student attendance, K-8)
  • Location- Butterfield School
  • Academic focus (ELA, math and specials)
  • Students qualifying for intervention services during the regular school year have the option to receive intervention support during summer school hours
  • General Tuition= $285
  • Intervention = $215
  • Busing= $45 each way

Extended School Year (ESY) Highlights

  • June 15-July 14
  • Monday- Thursday 8:30-11:45 a.m. (K-8)
  • Kindergarten-8th Grades
  • EIP, HIP, Elementary and Middle School Resource Programs for students who are eligible for academic support will be offered the full morning.  (Their classroom placement will mirror their IEP placement.)
  • Students who are eligible for related services only (e.g speech therapy) will schedule time with the individual provider(s) during summer school hours
  • Tuition/busing= Waived for students with IEPs who were eligible for ESY services

For additional information contact:

Kendall Miller- General Education/Intervention (

Carrie Modra- Special Education/ESY (

Financial Information

General Tuition = $285
Intervention Program = $215
ESY Program = Fees are Waived

Busing Information

$45 each way/$90 round trip

Refund Information

Full refunds will be provided up through May 20th.

Fees will be refunded at 50% through June 14th.

No refunds will be issued after June 15th.