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Danya Sundh (she/her)

D70 Instructional Coach

“There is always light.
Only if we are brave enough to see it.
There is always light.
Only if we are brave enough to be it.”
― Amanda Gorman


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 I’m Danya Sundh (she/her) and I am a new instructional coach in D70 with a focus in SEL, SS and technology. This new role excites me for many reasons, but mostly I’m thrilled to be able to reach more of our D70 community in efforts to enhance learning and growth!

I have been teaching in D70 since I graduated college in 2009 and feel beyond thankful for all of the opportunities I’ve had. I began my career as a cross categorical resource teacher at Rockland and then started the Elementary Instructional Program (EIP) in 2011. In 2012 I received my masters in school administration from Concordia.    In 2012, I was given a huge honor when I was named a Teacher of Distinction by the Golden Apple. It has been my dream to eventually obtain the Golden Apple :) In 2016 I transitioned to the classroom and taught 3rd and 4th grade (even looping with my entire class during this time which was an incredible experience). 

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My coaching philosophy is:

Instructional coaching is rooted in cultivating strong relationships, fostering student engagement, and promoting active learning, ensuring educators are empowered to create dynamic and effective learning environments. It's a journey of discovery where we firmly believe that technology can usher in a new era of learning. Let's embrace the shift from passive consumption to active creation, as we learn together to uplift not only our teaching practices but also our students' learning experiences.

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           I live in Vernon Hills with my wonderful husband, fabulous son (Preston), sweet daughter (Shayna) and adorable dog, Capri! 



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