Julie Fievet

6/7/8 Physical Education


Physical Education Department Philosophy

We strive to provide a quality physical education program through instruction and assessment that best serves the needs of all students.  As an integral component of the district’s overall curriculum, physical education, while contributing in significant ways to the social, emotional, and intellectual needs of the students, makes a unique contribution to their physical development.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a high quality instructional program that will be challenging, enjoyable, and rewarding for each child, while also meeting their developmental needs and satisfying the Physical Development Goals and Standards of the State of Illinois.


HMS Physical Education Curriculum Emphasis

1. Development of health-related physical fitness programs establishing patterns for a healthy lifestyle that will better the quality of our students’ lives.

2. Development of opportunities for students to explore and develop a range of movement skills, including the skills and understandings necessary to participate in a variety of sports, games, dances, and other physical activities.

3. Development of positive self-esteem in an environment, which promotes emotional well-being.  A healthy response to competition will be taught and reinforced, with an emphasis on sportsmanship.

4. Development of teaming, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills.
5. Emphasis of fundamental skills and lifetime activities which will carry over into the future of our students.



6th Grade Units Include:

  • Team Building
  • Flag Football
  • Soccer
  • Fitness Activities
  • Dance (Cultural with an emphasis on folk)
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Floor Hockey
  • Alternative Games
  • Track and Field

7th Grade Units Include:

  • Team Building
  • Pickleball
  • Soccer
  • Fitness Activities
  • Dance (Emphasis on country line dance)
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Floor Hockey
  • Alternative Games
  • Track and Field

8th Grade Units Include:

  • Team Building
  • Badminton
  • Flag Football
  • Fitness Activities
  • Dance (Emphasis on social dance)
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Floor Hockey
  • Alternative Games
  • Softball



* Students are required to dress daily in a Highland School gym uniform.

  • *Uniform consists of a Highland gym shirt and shorts, socks and gym shoes.  Gym uniforms may be purchased at Sports 11.
  • *Sweats are advised for cooler weather.
  • *Torn or ripped uniforms or any marking other than name will not be permitted.
  • *In an emergency (gym suit lost or stolen) a pair of shorts and t-shirt from home will be permitted, as long as they were not worn to school.  This is a temporary solution as the student will need to get another gym suit.

PE Dress Policy & Rental Policy (Rental only with student ID)
1st Offense:  Clean uniform is issued, demerit.
2nd Offense: Contact home, clean uniform is issued, demerit.
3rd Offense:  Referral to office, clean uniform is issued.

**Failure to have the proper footwear will result in a demerit as well as loss of daily points***

Tardy Policy (Students must be dressed and seated in attendance lines by 4 minutes after the class the bell rings)
1st Offense:  Demerit
2nd Offense: Demerit and contact home
3rd Offense:  Referral to office


Medical Excuses

Excuses from participation because of illness or injury must be written by a parent, physician or the school nurse.  A parent’s or nurse’s note is valid for 3 days only.  If an excuse is for an extended or indefinite period, student will be put into study hall.

Safety First

Safety is a concern of all involved in Physical Education.  During all activities safety of self and others should be foremost on everyone’s mind.

Lost and Found

WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST OR STOLEN ITEMS.  STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO USE A SCHOOL LOCK. There are lost and found locations in both the North and South Gyms.  If a student loses an item please check all lost and found locations. PE locks must be Highland issues and can be purchased through student services.  No other locks are permitted.  Locks are $6 for new and $3 for used.



Students will be graded based on a combination of daily performance points, skill rubrics and written assessments.

Daily Performance Grade (5 points per day):

1. Student follows general class procedures and directions.   

  • Being on time to attendance line
  • Following activity/game rules

2.  Student demonstrates proper execution of warm-up activities to the best of their abilities.

3. Student demonstrates a high level of active participation in skill development and game play.

  • Students are expected to work towards self improvement and at an activity level that is conducive to maintaining or improving individual fitness levels.

4.  Student is respectful of ALL classmates and their abilities.

5.  Student follows rule of “SAFETY FIRST” in regards to use of equipment, personal space and interaction with peers.