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Student Resources

Here are resources that may be helpful for you and your child!
  • My Virtual ClassroomHere is my virtual classroom! Click around for math resources and manipulatives.
This picture displays a picture of Kelly Blahnik's virtual classroom.
  • Abcya - This website features engaging, fun math games that help reinforce skills. The best part's free!
This picture displays the main webpage of Abcya's math games.
  • Math Learning Center Apps These apps are based on the visual models featured in the Bridges Mathematics program which is used in your child's classroom as well as in the intervention program. All apps are available in two or more versions: a web app for all modern browsers, and downloadable versions for specific operating systems and devices (such as Apple iOS for iPad).
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  • Math at Home - This collection of activities, organized by mathematical content, uses familiar routines that can be used by your children and family. 
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​About Me

Picture of Kelly Blahnik

Hello! My name is Kelly Blahnik and I am a math interventionist! While I started my career in District 70 as a special education resource teacher at Rockland School, I transitioned to become Adler's math interventionist. I absolutely love being an Adler Gator! 

Teaching math is one of my passions! I am a firm believer in meeting students where they are at, filling in gaps, building strong number sense skills, creating engaging lessons that ask students to be active learners, and fostering strong problem-solving skills. There is no such thing as a “math gene” because all children are capable of finding success with mathematics. 

​Fun Facts: 

  • I graduated from Indiana University in 2016 (Go Hoosiers!) with a dual degree in Elementary General and Special Education.

  • I got married on October 1st and my new last name is Acosta. 

  • I grew up close by in Vernon Hills and went to Stevenson High School.

  • My favorite holiday is Halloween.

  • I love to travel! Some of my favorite trips have been to Iceland, Switzerland, Italy, Mexico, Alaska, and Canada.

Follow me on Twitter at @MrsAcostaD70