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Classroom Connections

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Snack Suggestions

Snack ideas that are safe for the classroom:

  • Fresh fruit

  • Vegetables

  • Cheese sticks

  • Pretzels

  • Goldfish 

  • Popcorn

  • Crackers

  • Graham Crackers

  • Yogurt

  • Fruit cups/applesauce

Transportation Changes

Please e-mail me AND the office before noon if your child's regular mode of transportation will change. If there is a last minute change at the end of the day, please CALL the office and let them know of the change so that the afternoon supervisors can be notified.

Our Specials Schedule

Monday- Music 10:40-11:10

Tuesday- P.E. 8:25-8:55                               

Health (T1 Only) 12:40-1:10)

Wednesday- P.E. 8:25-8:55                         

Art 9:00-9:40

Thursday- Learning Center 9:15-9:45

Friday- P.E. 8:25-8:55                                   

Music 9:35-10:05      




My name is Lisa Piskule and teach 5th grade. 

I am excited to begin my twelfth year in District 70 and eleventh year at Adler Park School in fifth grade. I graduated from the University of Colorado in 2005 with a degree in Marketing. I then began my career working for Coca-Cola, and after five years with the company, decided to pursue my dream and go back to school at National-Louis University for my Master's degree in Education. Teaching is my passion and I am truly blessed to work in District 70. 

My husband and I have three school aged children; Eden, Emery, and Noah. We love going to the park, riding bikes, reading together, and playing with our dog, Rusty.

Weekly Reporter Job-Student Highlights

New Year, New Possibilities      By: Samuel                                                     


Monday: We started the first day of school in the New Year by switching desks. It took a while but we eventually got it. After that we went to music but weren't able to finish the activity. After lunch we had the usual routine of Math, Social Studies, Science, and Win time. By the end of Win time it was time to go home. Today was a decent start to the second half of the school year.

Tuesday : At the very beginning of the day we had P.E. Then we had snack and went outside for 35 minutes which was way longer than normal. We did some learning then it was time to go to lunch/recess. We went through the usual routine again of Math, Social Studies, Science, and Win. Then we had to go. All together it was another decent day. 

Wednesday : We started today with a double special of P.E. and Art. We had a learning snack and started lunch recesses 10 minutes before other kids. We had lunch then had the usual routine. During Win time we did Dreambox. Then we went home. 

Thursday: Today we went to the library and found out that Kelly Yang was coming to do a virtual author talk. We had snack and recess then one of Mrs. Piskule’s old student came to be a student teacher. We went to recess and lunch. Then we had the usual routine and then we went home. 

Friday : We started today with P.E. We did some learning and then went to music. After music we had snack and recess. We did a test on our computer and then went to lunch and recess.

We had math, then catch up time, and then we had our class meeting. After the class meeting we went to Merit Friday which is only on Fridays. After that we all went home.

The next week : 

A Peachy Week at Peachville

Wednesday : This week we will only have Wednesday, Thursday and Friday because we had a four day weekend. Today we had P.E. then Art and then we had a working snack. We went to lunch and recess. We did the usual routine except we had to do a star test for math this time. We had WIN then we went home.

Thursday : Today in the morning we got time to do our timeline projects and right after that we went to library. Then we had snack and did our star assessment test for reading. Then we went to lunch and recess. We then went through the usual routine and after WIN we went home.

Friday : Today is the last day of the week and we started it off with P.E.then we went to music and after that we went to snack. After snack we started presenting our Revolutionary war timeline slides to our table groups. After lunch and recess we had math. When we finished math, one of my classmate’s mom did a Lunar New Year / Chinese New Year presentation which was really fun. At the end of the day we had Meritt Friday which was a good way to end our week. 


The Week Report Dec 4-9

Written by: Holter M.


I am Holter. The reporter for the week from December 4th . I am going to tell you about some things that happened. 

The Tests

The tests that we had on Thursday, Dec 8th, we had a Math test(which was easy for me) and a Sisters Grimm FairyTale Detectives test.

Getting the Groove

At P.E, we did a dance board that you have to time right in the virtual game. It was super awesome that I wanted to do the hardest song ever. How it works is that you stand on a platform with arrows that are pointing forward, backward, left and right. If you play it, you can’t let your eyes off of the arrow that’s going to hit the arrows on the top which is where you hit. When you hit perfectly, it will display on the screen.

Sarasponda, Sarasponda!

When we went to music, we did the Sarasponda with sticks. It really annoyed me so I didn’t do it. The others did the Sarasponda thing and when I’m thinking about it, it’s just stuck in my head.


Welp. This is the end for me. Hope you have good imaginations about my report!


Our Week in 5th Grade

By: Cameron M.

Some people just got back from being sick and on Monday we started sisters grimm chapter 7. We did Baggo in the gym. Next we had math math. We learned about multiplying decimals. At the end  of the week only one team is left. Thursday both classes had a sub we did sisters grimm work the entire time pretty much.Friday we had teachers back and Jaxson and Cade won the Baggo championship game. Also we had merit friday.  Also we had a spelling quiz,and a sister's grimm quiz. So that was our awesome weekend in 5th grade!!!

Crazy Weeks in Peachville-

by Cade O.

This has been a wild few weeks in Peachville.  We started it off by not having school on Monday and Tuesday, which let us all get a nice relaxing break.  On Wednesday we played Star Wars in gym and in art we continued on our famous duos project. We discussed Chapter 2 of Sisters Grimm in Reading and ELA, which was excellent.  In the afternoon we switched classes for math, science, and social studies. On Thursday all we did in the morning  was Sisters Grimm homework because it was due the next day. Also we went to go visit Ms Carr and Ms Richter in the Library and check out new books. Last, in Social Studies we made Veterans Day posters, which was pretty cool. 

On Friday we skipped PE to go to the Veterans Day parade and assembly. All the veterans from Adler were there and it was fun to tell them thank you for being in our military. After lunch we had math and then a substitute teacher came in because Mrs Piskule had a meeting. When she got back to the classroom we had Merit Friday.

          Next week 

On Monday we discussed chapter 3 of Sisters Grimm and went to Music. After lunch either we had Social Studies or Science because Mr Da Paz’s class had health. So, our class learned French on our computers. Right in the morning on Tuesday we went to PE and had a practice day for Baggo. Then in the afternoon we switched classes for Social Studies and Science. We only had 1 of them because we had health.

 On Wednesday morning we went to PE where we picked our teams for Baggo and played a few games. Right after we went to art, where we started a new project for Thanksgiving and we got to paint our hands and put them on a huge piece of paper. Since all we did in the morning so far wasn’t any learning we stayed inside for snack and learned how to write a book report. Before lunch we also worked on our Sisters Grimm homework. After lunch  we switched for math, science, and social studies. In science we learned about matter.                  

 Thursday we made basketball hoops on our heads and tried to see who could make the most baskets in them at library. At lunch there was a study hall. Right on Friday morning we went straight to gym. After that we had our spelling quiz. For reading we worked on our Sisters Grimm book study all the way to lunch. After lunch we went straight to Merit Friday because we had an early release. We had a lot of kids in Peachville out sick this week, so it was a little more quiet in class than usual. As you can see it was  a very action packed 2 weeks in Peachville.

A Great Week in the Town of Peachville 

By: Dylan

On Monday we had class picture day and Music. In Music we shared the composer research that we had been working on over the past couple of weeks. We also had the AFA (Adler Family Association) lunch bunch, it was Culvers.

  Tuesday was really fun because it was Mrs. Piskule’s birthday and we sang happy birthday!! Plus we had P.E. In P.E we played indoor Soccer. The bad thing was that it rained ALL day so we couldn’t go outside for recess.

  Wednesday was just a regular day at school with P.E and Art. In Art we started a new project where we had to pick a famous duo (For example Spongebob and Patrick) and draw them next to each other with the character on the right holding something so that it looked like the famous painting American Gothic.

  Thursday we had Library and new playground equipment was installed! The new playground equipment was a four seat seesaw, a big sphere that you sit in and someone spins you, another big seesaw with four seats and four places to stand, and a big climbing wall.

  Friday we had music and P.E. We also had Merritt Friday. Merritt Friday is when on Friday we go outside early and have a long 30 minute recess, but during the week we have to fill out a 5x5 with checks and if you don’t have enough checks you have to sit out for some time on Merritt Friday. The way to get checks is by getting all your homework done and being a good friend.

 Headline News-

By: Jaxon

On Tuesday we had PE and we did the shuttle run. Tuesday we also played a really fun kickball game at recess. Wednesday we got to test out what instrument we wanted to play and I picked cornet. Thursday we switched classes for science and social studies. Friday we had a fire drill and played kickball at Merit Friday.  

Peachy Week-

By: Lexi

This week was the third week of school and we had so much fun!!

We learned how to write a summary and also about the Indian country. We got to go in partners for a lot of activities. We also learned a new brain break. It was kind of like a hot potato but with a peach. We also played sparkle to practice our spelling words.This week we also ran in gym for the pacer test. One last thing we did this week was… Picture day!

Our Week in Peachville-

By: Ava

On Monday we did not have school so we started our week on Tuesday. Today we had PE. We played wizard pinball which is where you throw the dodgeballs and want to knock over the pins. We also got our new math group assignments since we had our test last week. Today was Wednesday and we had PE and Art today. In PE we did the bar test where you have to hold on to the pull up bar for as long as you can. We also had free play in PE. In art the Art teacher was not here so we got to free draw minions. We got extra recess since on Wednesdays we have working snacks so we got to go out early to recess. On Thursday we had Learning Center and some of us got audiobooks. We also watched a video about one of the bluestem books for this year. At recess we played kickball. In science we did the penny dropper experiment where you want to see how many drops of water you can fit on a penny. Finally on Friday we had a sub in the morning and had music class. In music we used mini instruments to make a song with our group. After lunch since it was the end of the month the gator gotcha kids got to have their extra recess where we played kickball.After math we all helped clean up our classroom and organized our lockers. Finally, to conclude our week we had Merritt Friday and we had free play. That's the end of our week in Peachville. Bye!

A Perfect Peach Week-

By: Camila V.

This week was  awesome  but it wasn’t an ordinary week. It was a peachy week because on Monday we started a new story, but Tuesday we had P.E with Mr. C we had so much fun like always. Then on Wednesday we didn’t have school so we all had fun. Then on Thursday we went to the Library and got all the good books. We also watch a  book fair  video that shows a couple books that will be at the bookfair. After Mrs. Piskule told us that we had to wear peach for a peach pride day. The next day we were all wearing peaches. It felt funny but also we had a math test. We were very worried about it but we tried our hardest. Then the best part of the week is merrit Friday. We all had so much fun we played football, Kickball and more fun games. But the bell rang and every student was happy to go home.

Class News-

By: Ben T

Mrs.Piskule’s class had a great week starting from 10/17 to 10/21.One of the highlights of the week were on Monday and it was band practices starting for fifth graders. Some students were playing Cornet, some were playing Flute, some were playing saxophone, and some were playing Percussion. Also the students playing orchestra started and the students had choices of Violin, Viola, Bass, and Chello. Under the guidance of Mrs. Janasey(orchestra) and Mrs. Perez(band). Also our class had music under our normal specials, and we worked on a slide presentation for music.

We also started a new game in gym class which was sideline soccer. We had teams of five or six players. Basically it's soccer but there are four teams in total and only two teams play at once so the two teams that are out of the game are allowed to score but they can't come all the way on the field. Mr.C organized our class with this activity.

We had art as well. We were making bone sculptures with pencil, then we traced it with a sharpie and then we painted the outside of it with blue paint and the paint  got lighter and lighter. Ms. Sather was the one who gave us this artwork activity.

The best highlight of the week was on Friday. On Friday we have an extra 30 minute recess at the end of the day. But you need to fill your 5 by 5 in with checks. Basically you need to behave well and you get a gator way check. But if you misbehave you get a circle. A circle makes you miss five minutes of your recess. Also if you get three circles you're out of the recess. You have one week to fill in all your gator way checks. Also the principal comes in and pulls golden tickets. Basically if you behave well enough you can get a ticket. You put your name on it and put it in the bucket. And every Friday the principal comes in and pulls three tickets. If you get pulled you can go up and pick a prize from the basket.

 As you can see above we had an exciting week. We hope this continues throughout the year!


Our First Week Of School

By: Magnus

The first week of school was really fun! In the beginning we were organizing and learning about our class. We started switching classes and it was so fun. There are 2 groups. The groups are the Buffalo and Gophers. We have something called 5x5 and we have to get 25 checks to get into Merritt Friday. We can also get circles on our 5x5 and if we get three then we’re out of Merritt Friday. Merritt Friday is where we go outside at the end of Friday and have recess or play games. This week has been a great week and It's been really fun!