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Classroom Connections

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Snack Suggestions

Snack ideas that are safe for the classroom:

  • Fresh fruit

  • Vegetables

  • Cheese sticks

  • Pretzels

  • Goldfish 

  • Popcorn

  • Crackers

  • Graham Crackers

  • Yogurt

  • Fruit cups/applesauce

Transportation Changes

Please e-mail me AND the office before noon if your child's regular mode of transportation will change. If there is a last minute change at the end of the day, please CALL the office and let them know of the change so that the afternoon supervisors can be notified.

Our Specials Schedule

Monday- Music 10:40-11:10

Tuesday- P.E. 8:25-8:55                               

Health (T1 Only) 12:40-1:10)

Wednesday- P.E. 8:25-8:55                         

Art 9:00-9:40

Thursday- Learning Center 9:15-9:45

Friday- P.E. 8:25-8:55                                   

Music 9:35-10:05      




My name is Lisa Piskule and teach 5th grade. 

I am excited to begin my 13th year in District 70 and 12th year at Adler Park School in fifth grade. I graduated from the University of Colorado in 2005 with a degree in Marketing. I then began my career working for Coca-Cola, and after five years with the company, decided to pursue my dream and go back to school at National-Louis University for my Master's degree in Education. Teaching is my passion and I am truly blessed to work in District 70. 

My husband and I have three school aged children; Eden, Emery, and Noah. We love going to the park, riding bikes, reading together, and playing with our dog, Rusty.

Weekly Reporter Job-Student Highlights

 Tonight on Peach-by Cole K.

It is November 27, 2023 Monday the day after Thanksgiving break. We started 

the day with DLR peaks and valleys, and lunch bunch. This week we have Jimmy Johns. In CKLA we did the Inca paraphrasing. We had half of snack inside. 

Then we used amplify. After that we packed up and went home.

This takes place on November 28. We started the day with DLR.After we went to P.E.. When we got back and learned about action verbs, linking verbs, and sense verbs and we also learned about the root word tract, then we spent half of snack inside. After that we worked on are aztec paragraph. Then we went to math, science, and social studies. Then we started dream box. After we packed up and went home.

On Wednesday we started with DLR Then we went to PE after we went to Art Then we had a working snack.After we went to recess Math science and social studies Today is the first day of the week that we don't have DreamBox or boost at the end of the day. So today was a pretty normal day.

We started the day with DLR Then we went to PE. Today was our first fully outside snack. Then we went to recess. After that we went to math. We started a heat and electric conductor project. Then we went to social studies and started packing up.

On Friday we still started with DLR. in PE we started our bowling unit. Snack was normal. Then recess happened. Then we went to math. In science, we finished our projects about electric and thermal conductors. We started our project in social studies. For Merit Friday we had free time and had a small game of silent ball at the end.

Peachville News 

By: Holden

Monday: Today Mr DePaz was out so we all had to work on our Maya codices in the library. Most of us finished it. We finally got a sub for the afternoon. In music we heard about our composer project. We also practiced “Grateful Nation” for the veterans day assembly. We had to do Boost after science or social studies. 

Tuesday: Today we worked more on our Maya codices. At snack time most of us did a girls vs boys soccer game (boys won). In PE we started the dance game. In social studies we worked on writing summaries on the pages that we read. In science we worked on a CER.

Wednesday: Today Mrs Piskule was out so we had a sub. So we worked on our Aztec codices. In PE we continued the dance game. In Art we finished our American Gothic cartoon pictures. Then we worked on our veterans day posters. At snack and recess we played another boys vs girls soccer game (Girls won). In social studies we did current events. In science we studied for our test.

Thursday: Today we had our veterans day assembly and got to see veterans. We had a snack after. Then we had library, as a whole grade. We played with legos. We had Merrit Thursday indoors. 

Calling All Peaches

The Peachy News

By: Laine 

This week was extremely eventful because this was the week that the gifted children got to go to camp duncan where they solved puzzles and made new friends. I personally know that because I went to camp duncan and made like five new friends. Some of the activities they did were trying to fold a sheet that has a ton of people on top of it. Another activity they did was connecting arms like a caterpillar and walking over and under string without touching it. Everyone had a blast. In other news the bago tournament started and Raegan, Avery W., and Lily are currently in first with Laine, Ines, and Kylie trailing close behind. 


A Week In Peachville-by Ines

Monday: On Monday we had music in which we created our own songs. We also started our new reading unit about the Maya, Aztecs, and the Incas which we learned about timelines.

Tuesday: On Tuesday we practiced for our bago tournament in PE. We also learned about civilization when we started reading our book in our new reading unit.

Wednesday: On Wednesday we had art in which we drew ghosts for halloween. We were also rushing all around the classroom trying to get everything ready for parent teacher conferences. 

Thursday: On Thursday we had a library where we got to read three halloween books. After the library we learned about subject and predicate, we also learned about rephrasing quotes from the text. Luckily today we had an early release and tomorrow we didn't have school.  

The Peachiest Peach News Of PeachVille-by Jason

 This week we wore purple to support Charlet Strong.We also had 2 birthdays and we learned the new happy birthday song. In math we learned how to do division easily.In reading we finish our little readers.In social studies we were learning latitude and longitude. In science we did the gummy bear lab where we put a gummy bear in water overnight.

Extra Extra, Peach All About IT!

By-Avery W.

On Monday, we started off with new desks. We were a little bit chatty. We got to have our very first peach pride day! We even got a picture of our class taken by Mrs.Miller. Our class worked very hard all week, in school and out of school. We didn’t have a lot of trouble with 5x5 this week, and a lot of people got into merit Friday.

Our Week-By Kylie

New Student 

We have a new student to our sweet 16!!! Her name is  Lillie. She lived in Texas for 7 years. Then she moved to New Hampshire for 3 years. After that she moved here! Her cousins live in the area their names are, Hannah, Heather, and Ashlynn. She loves to write books. That's it about our new gator.

5 by 5 

This is a reminder about the 5 by 5s. A 5 by 5 is your only way into Merit  Friday. When you get a check or dot  on your 5 by 5 don´t worry it is a good thing! But when you get a circle you have to miss time. Three circles you are out! If you have work that you did not finish then you have to do that during Merit Friday.


Peach Week

By: Avery W.

This week we had officer speeches for student council on Tuesday.

There was an assembly for third, fourth, and fifth graders at 9:00 A.M. Also during the assembly we had NO secretary which was a problem. But then we did the speeches for historian.  Nina and Paloma both ran for this position. After them were the people running for president/ vice president. There were four people running!!! Those people were Nick, Cole Laine, and me, Avery.


After everyone did their speeches everyone at the assembly went back to their classrooms and voted for who they think should get historian and president/vice president. At the end of the day since we didn't have anyone running for secretary the cannadits that didn't get elected  got to put their names in a hat and the one Ms. Carr pulled out was the one that got the role of secretary.


When Ms. Carr announced who got the roles of student council then Paloma got Historian, Nina got Secretary, Nick got Vice President, and I myself Avery got President!  

Overall this week was pretty good.