8th Grade Mathematics Teacher 

Gold Team

Contact email: scrown@d70schools.org

Magic the Gathering Club Sponsor

I've been teaching at Highland since 2008!  I absolutely love teaching mathematics! Every problem is a puzzle to solve.

I am the sponsor to the Magic the Gathering club.  Magic the gathering is a trading card game that promotes critical thinking, creativity, and math skills.  If you don't have any cards, don't worry!  I have plenty to give you and get you started.  Come join us and listen to the announcements for info about the club.  It runs from October to the end of the school year. 

Sign with the word Mathematics stars below

Purple Calendar - Algebra (Accelerated)

Blue Calendar - PreAlgebra (Regular)



You will receive two types of homework.  Digital and paper.  All paper homework will always be given a due date, most likely the next day of class.  Digital homework (PearsonEasyBridge/Savvas) will always be due each week on Monday.  You will also turn in your written work for the digital homework on Mondays.

Late Work

If you do not have your work turned in when it is due, you will receive a zero for that homework until it is completed.  It is YOUR responsibility to turn this missing work in.  I will not bug you and ask you for it daily, but I'll try to give you friendly reminders.  Anything turned in AFTER a chapter is complete, will receive a 50% deduction.

Test/Quiz/Project Re-Do’s

With any test/quiz/project you are able to correct your mistakes and earn half-credit back, raising your grade.  The corrections must be right to earn credit.  To complete a retake, you must have all work from the chapter completed to be eligible.  The new retake test will be the same test, but with different numbers. You will need to follow these steps to complete a retake…

1. Email Mr. Crown within two days of receiving your test/quiz/project back in class, asking to complete a retake.  If you do not email Mr. Crown within two days, you may not complete the retake. 

2. You will be given a pass during class the following day.  This pass will be good for one week to go to the library to complete your retake.

3. You must complete your retake during lunch/recess or before/after school in the library.