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Social Work at Adler Park School


Adler Park School offers a variety of services to help students with social or emotional concerns or skill weaknesses that may be interfering with their learning, and to teach students new skills that support getting along with peers.  Service is provided in a variety of ways:


        Individual service is available for crisis situations and short-term interventions.


        Small Counseling Groups are educational, supportive and preventative in nature.  Groups include
        New Student Groups, Friendship Groups and Other Groups as needed.


       Classroom Guidance Lessons are presented in classrooms at the beginning of the year, and later
       when requested by a teacher.  Listening, group decision-making, brainstorming, problem solving
       are amongst the skills introduced.  Bullying and Internet Safety are also addressed.


        Parents are always welcome to call or make an appointment to discuss concerns about their
        children, to get help with parenting issues, or to seek referrals to outside agencies and



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