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Welcome to Kindergarten!


About Our Class:

The kindergarten experience is unique in so many ways.  Not only is it a mix of academic learning and social growth, but it is also our first opportunity to foster a true love of learning.  As kids are developing into successful students, they also start to understand their role within our classroom community.  Each day, we strive to show the Gator Way in all that we do.    

About Me:

This marks my 21st year of being an Adler Gator having taught kindergarten, first grade, and second grade.  I truly love working with our youngest students and witnessing the many "light bulb moments" that happen in our classroom each day.  These students have an enthusiasm for learning like no other and I feel very fortunate to be part of their academic journey.

Things to Remember:

***Read with your child each day.***  
Library books are due each Wednesday.  Please keep them at home to enjoy until then.
Students may bring fruit, vegetables, cheese, or yogurt for snack time.  
Please check red folders each day.
More information can be found on Adler Park School's website.  The link is below.  


There are many ways to connect with our class this year.  We will use Twitter to share some of the exciting things happening in our class.  We will also be utilizing SeeSaw to demonstrate concepts and share our learning.  Email is another great way to connect and you can click on the link below to send a message.  Finally, be sure to read the Wisek Weekly each week to keep current on classroom reminders and updates.

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