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Welcome to the Adler Park School Virtual Learning Center!

Every class at Adler, from kindergarten to fifth grade, visits the Learning Center weekly for instruction and time to browse and check out books.

Our curriculum is guided by the Illinois Standards-Aligned Instruction for School Libraries.  Students will:

  • access information efficiently and effectively to inquire, think critically, and gain knowledge
  • evaluate information critically and competently
  • use information accurately, creatively, and ethically to share knowledge and participate collaboratively and productively as members of our democratic society
  • appreciate literature and other creative expressions of thoughts and pursue knowledge related to personal interests and aesthetic growth
  • understand and practice Internet safety when using any electronic media for educational, social or recreational purposes


  • How many books can be checked out?  Kindergarten students may check out two books.  First through fifth grade students may check out three books.  All students may check out one magazine in addition to their books.
  • How long do materials circulate?  Kindergarten, first and second grade students may keep their materials for one week.  Third, fourth and fifth grade students may keep their materials for two weeks.  Materials may be renewed by student request.
  • What happens if a book is overdue?  Overdue notices are sent as reminders.  We do not charge fines for books or magazines returned late.  However, students are encouraged to return their items on time so they may check out new ones!
  • What electronic resources do you offer?  Students in fourth and fifth grades may borrow audiobooks on iPod shuffles, and eBooks on Kindles.  All students may access our collection of eBooks (search for "ebook" on our catalog).
  • Why does my child bring home books they can’t read themselves?  Choice is an essential part of using a school library.  When students are empowered to make their own choices in what they read, research shows they become more confident readers!
  • When is my child's library day?
    • K Dorf:  Friday
    • K Wisek:  Wednesday
    • 1st Gasick:  Friday
    • 1st Zeinz:  Tuesday
    • 2nd Koenig:  Wednesday
    • 2nd Turner:  Wednesday
    • 3rd Marsh:  Tuesday
    • 3rd Walker:  Thursday
    • 4th Adelman:  Thursday
    • 4th Bauer:  Wednesday
    • 5th Billon:  Tuesday
    • 5th De Paz:  Thursday
    • 5th Piskule:  Thursday

We appreciate your help in caring for our collection!
Please help your child find a safe place to keep school library books at home where they cannot be damaged by water bottles, pets, younger siblings, weather, food, etc.

If a book is accidentally damaged, PLEASE do not attempt to fix it yourself!  We have special book tape and glue that can resolve most problems.  If a book is lost or damaged beyond repair, it must be paid for, but this is very rare.

Contact us!
Erin Carr, Learning Center Director
Trish Trimble, Learning Center Clerk

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