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Welcome to the Rockland Music Page!

E-Learning Information:
Kindergarten, First Grade and Second Grade can find the asynchronous music activities on Seesaw. Third Grade, Fourth Grade and Fifth Grade can find the asynchronous music activities on Google Classroom. 

Music Schedules for Each Class:

Howell: Seesaw on Monday @ 12:40pm; Google Meet on Thursday @ 10:20am
Mehta: Google Meet on Wednesday @ 8:50am; Seesaw on Thursday @ 10:20am
Stonehocker: Seesaw on Monday @9:20am; Google Meet on Friday @ 12:40pm

Crenshaw: Seesaw on Wednesday @ 2:10pm; Google Meet on Friday @ 1:40pm
Nyland: Seesaw on Tuesday @ 2:10pm; Google Meet on Thursday @ 1:40pm
Simonsen: Seesaw on Tuesday @ 1:40pm; Google Meet on Wednesday @ 1:40pm

Hyde: Google Meet on Tuesday @ 12:40pm; Seesaw on Thursday @ 1:10pm
Murphy: Google Meet on Wednesday @ 12:40pm; Seesaw on Friday @ 1:10pm

Snader: Google Classroom on Monday @ 9:50am; Google Meet on Friday @ 10:20am
Wickboldt: Google Classroom on Tuesday @ 10:20am; Google Meet on Friday @ 9:50am

Lesniewicz: Google Classroom on Wednesday @ 9:20am; Google Meet on Thursday @ 9:50am
Plebanski: Google Classroom on Wednesday @ 9:50am; Google Meet on Thursday @ 9:20am
Sundh: Google Meet on Tuesday @ 9:20am; Google Classroom on Friday @ 9:20am

Baker: Google Meet on Wednesday @ 8:20am; Google Classroom on Friday @ 8:50am
Wilson: Google Classroom on Tuesday @ 8:50am; Google Meet on Friday @ 8:20am

5th Grade Band Meeting Times:
Clarinets: Monday @ 10:50am
Percussion: Monday @ 2:10pm
Flutes: Tuesday @ 10:55am
Trumpets/Cornets: Wednesday @ 10:50am
Trombones: Thursday @ 10:50am
Saxophones: Friday @ 10:50am
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