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Announcement Image Wishing all my students and families a relaxing and FUN Thanksgiving Break. We've been busy this month keeping up with class vocabulary and the "so what?" of what's being discussed in class. We also discussed the word "gratitude" ( synonym: thankfulness) and what we're thankful for. Many Thanksgiving traditions include the social skill of going around the table/room and expressing what we're thankful for--and it's nice to have an answer "rehearsed" and ready to share! I hope your student is able to share something they are grateful it friends, family, food, or SpongeBob!
Updated 11-26-2019 2:39 PM
SAY it's amazing!
Check the Resources tab for information about  how to listen to those who stutter.  The Stuttering Association for the Young (SAY) provides support and a special summer camp for stutterers. Students and parents--worth a look!
Updated 10-31-2019 8:35 AM
Conference Nights
Is it October already? Why, yes!
Parent-Teacher Conferences are scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 16th and Thursday, Oct. 17th. I will be sitting with my 7Maroon team that evening, but do like to "drop in" my students' conferences, schedule permitting. If you' would like to meet before or after your student's conference, please email me to set up a time to chat.
Updated 10-1-2019 8:40 AM
Hello parents! Curriculum NIght is Wednesday, September 4th. As you follow your child's schedule for the evening, feel free to stop by room 145 during your "passing time" or lunch period to say hello. It's going to be a GREAT year working with your student's team!
Updated 9-5-2019 2:19 PM
Welcome Back!
A big "hello!" to all my Hornet students and parents--time to kick off the 19-20 school year! Please welcome Mrs. Lindsey Fry, Speech-Pathologist, to our "team" at Highland. We'll be working together to coordinate and serve students this year. Parents, you'll receive an email with your student's day/time of service in the near future. If you have any immediate questions, please feel free to contact me at X4146. Going to be a GREAT year!
Updated 8-21-2019 9:53 AM