Announcement Image Look what appeared in my neighborhood last weekend--a sure sign of summer! Although summer is a time to relax and "forget" about school, DON'T forget to be a good communicator! Here are my top 5 ways to keep on top of your "communication game":
1) Summarize and share--a movie you saw, a book you read, TV show. Think MAIN IDEA and KEY WORDS/DETAILS. Can you write a 20 word summary?
2) Do the talking--order your own food at a restaurant or offer make the call for pizza delivery.
3) Reach out and communicate--set up a hang-out with friends at the pool, your house, the park. Don't wait for someone to contact you!
4) READ or LISTEN TO READING. Good for your vocabulary and reading skills. Any media counts--novels, comics, podcasts--it's all good!
5) Email me! Let me know what you're doing with your summer; promise to contact you back!

Have a great summer, students--see you in August! 
Updated 6-4-2019 10:34 AM
Announcement Image May is Better Speech and Hearing month! The American Speech-Language Hearing Associations promotes awareness of "Communication Across the Lifespan" this year. Curious what I do as a SLP at Highland? Want to learn more? Check out Resources for a handy infographic, or shoot me an email. Helping all students be confident communicators is my "jam"!
Updated 5-2-2019 3:51 PM
Gender and Voice
Interested in learning more about how women's voices are perceived and communication differences between men and women? An interesting read from the American Sp-Lng-Hrg Science journal, The Leader. At school, I'm interested in helping both girls and boys "find their voice" in the classroom. See Resources for more information!
Updated 2-19-2019 8:26 AM
Digital Babbling?
Cool article about how children are using emojis and the connection to language/grammar development. Check out Resources to learn more!
Updated 1-22-2019 8:39 AM
Dr. Who <3
Need (another?) reason to love the show Dr. Who? One new characters this season has dypraxia, which impacts coordination. Curious to read more?
Dr. Who in "communication news"...

Updated 12-5-2018 2:23 PM