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Battle of the Books
Bookshelves Here's the Battle of the Books booklist for participating 5th grade students.  Read our FAQ here.


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Social Media
People Did you know the Adler Park School Learning Center is on Twitter and Pinterest?
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Laptop Students at Adler will explore literacy technologies like audiobooks, eReaders, and tablets.  With parent permission, the audiobooks and eReaders may be checked out.

Click here for the audiobook permission slip.
Click here for the eReader permission slip.

Did you know we have a collection of eBooks geared towards our emerging readers?
To find them, search our catalog for the word "ebook."
When you choose the book you want to read, click on the Additional Info tab, then the link that says, "Read the Capstone Interactive eBook Now!"
Updated 10-16-2017 8:11 AM