Lesson Books and Supplemental Music

Lesson Books

Lesson Books Used for District 70 Lessons

Grade Book Used Composer Publisher
4th Essential Elements 2000: Book #1 Lautzenheiser, et. al. Hal Leonard
5th Essential Elements 2000: Book #1 &
Band Expressions: Book #1
Lautzenheiser, et. al.
Smith, et. al.
Hal Leonard
6th Accent on Achievement: Book #2 O'Reilly & Williams Alfred
7th Artistry of Fundamentals Erickson Alfred
8th Essential Technique 2000 Lautzenheiser, et. al. Hal Leonard

Percussion Lesson Books

Percussion students use the same book as the other instruments for the bells (mallets). They also use another book for snare drum (drum pad). In fourth grade students play only the bells. Below are the books they use for grades 5-8 on the snare drum. The book used for grades 5-7 is a very thorough, involved book. The book used in 8th grade is also very involved, and we only cover the beginning of it during 8th grade.

Grade Book Used Composer Publisher
5 - 7 Alfred's Drum Method: Book #1 Feldstein & Black Alfred
8 Alfred's Drum Method: Book #2 Feldstein & Black Alfred

Purchasing Music

Lesson books, solos, and any other music can be purchased at most music stores. Many band students in Libertyville use Libertyville Music, which is located 1/4 mile from Highland School. Most music stores focus on instrument sales/rentals, accessories, lesssons, and repairs. Few stores keep more than a small collection of lesson books, solos, and "fun" music in stock. Almost all music stores can order any piece for you from the publisher. This can take one to two weeks, sometimes longer, but you do not have to pay shipping. If you need a book or piece of music quickly you should order from a music supplier. One of the easiest to use is J.W. Pepper. Most music ordered from a store such as Pepper will arrive in one to three days. You pay extra for the speed by having to pay shipping. When ordering from such a source ask if it is in stock before placing your order. If it is not in stock ordering from here will not save any time. (Libertyville Music tries to keep all of the lesson books used by District 70 in stock.)

Fun Music

Students often enjoy playing recognizable music. Most music stores have books of music that students can play for fun. There are even such books that cater to students who have only finished one year on their instrument. Below is a list of some books. There are many other books not on this list. Students can usually decide by looking through the book if the notes and rhythms used are ones that they understand.

Title Songs Publisher
Film Favorites Music from Shrek, My Heart Will Go On, The Rainbow Connection, and others... Hal Leonard
Broadway Favorites Edelweiss, Memory, 76 Trombones, The Phantom of the Opera, and others... Hal Leonard
Disney Movie Favorites Under the Sea, Beauty and the Beast, and others... Hal Leonard
Easy Disney Favorites Chim Chim Cher-ee, It's a Small World, Mickey Mouse March, and others... Hal Leonard
Christmas Favorites Frosty, Jingle Bell Rock, Rudolph, and others... Hal Leonard
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Purchasing Music
Fun Music

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